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Mid Century Mondays- Gense of Sweden

Celery Tray by Gense of Sweden on Etsy

To all of you that are keeping track, I'm so sorry I missed Mid Century Monday last week! I even meant to write a post later in the week and apologize and didn't even get to that! This week I do have a few posts planned, including a Recent Finds and a What's Been Selling. I love reading these kind of posts on other blogs...you never know when you'll come across the same items in your own thrift hunting. So I thought I'd share my recent finds and scores!!

I'm going Scandinavian on Mid Century Monday again. I'll have to check out a different section of the world for next week.

Gense of Sweden began all the way back in 1856. It was founded by Gustav Erikson. The company is still going strong today and is one of the major cutlery/flatware producers in Europe today.

I like to read other thrifting blogs and see what the authors are selling. I think I may have come across Gense for the first time on Apron Thrift Girl's blog, or possibly in her Ebay store. In any case, I filed the brand away and was happy to spot this tray on a recent thrifting trip.

I love the tray's modern design. From what I've researched, it was designed in the mid 1950s by Pierre Forssell.

Vintage Modern Gense Forks Set of 4 by marthathehipster on Etsy

One thing I would love to find is some of their flatware. But I have a flatware obsession. I have a hard time NOT buying it. Gense flatware can bring a pretty penny on Ebay.

So keep your eyes open in all that stainless at the thrift stores. And it may be worth a dig or 2 through the silverware bins!

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