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Mid Century Mondays- 1956 Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book

1956 Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book for Sale on Etsy´╗┐

Before I get into today's Mid Century feature, I have a couple things to say.

Now on to the feature!

I found this book at an estate sale and was super excited when I saw the turquoise cover! I knew it was harder to find and full of mid century decorating.
I know the web is full of images from this book so I won't bore you with tons of them.
I totally wish I had a large room...big enough to try this room divider/bookcase idea.

Love the chairs...the carpet's gotta go though.

Whoo hoo! Check out that atomic wallpaper!! Now why didn't my Grandparent's house look like this? Their decorating stopped somewhere in the mid-century but I don't remember anything MOD or ATOMIC in their house. Oh...it was more like this....

Early American or Colonial Revival. I remember plenty of eagles, butter churns and wagon wheels at Grandma's house. This style was popular in the mid-century, so this book has plenty of these images also. I REALLY hope the Colonial style doesn't revive again. Please, no.

Ok, lets wash away that image with another one.

Again...am loving the bookshelves!
The book is also full of these cutesy cartoons and helpful tips.

That's today's Mid Century Monday! What's your memory of Mid Century decorating??

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