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Fab Friday Finds...Somebody Pinch Me..


I just had such a wonderful thrifting day. I have to share.

I almost didn't go. I'm so glad I did.

I started out at one yard sale (they are getting fewer and fewer...so sad!!) and was happy to find this piece of Descoware. It's my first. It's Belgium's answer to Le Creuset.

I was happy enough with that. Then I turned and saw a table filled with...

Starbucks City Mugs.

There were 12. Nine are the original 1994 versions. I just sold my first one for $74.00. I'm happy. I should probably have listed it for higher. But I won't be greedy. :) I paid such a ridiculously low price for these. (See!! I may be gloating but I'm not hoarding!!)

I was ecstatic. I walked away from the sale wondering who to call first. But there was a sale across the street and so I held off.

At that sale I found these owls.

At a quarter apiece, I was happy. Nice little antique booth fillers and Etsy shop fillers. There are sugar bowls, salt and pepper shakers and a toothpick holder. Plus some way cute figurines. I love that Mod big one up top. It's a bank. The trio on the right have googly eyes. They are mostly all from Japan.

The one I was most excited about is the one right up front (the top blog picture). It's a metal sculpture. I was hoping it was a Curtis Jere but it's unsigned. I still managed to find one like it on Ebay that sold for over $100!!!

Ok. So now I was stoked. I could have gone home happy. But I didn't. I kept going, with Little Man in tow. "You said 2 Ga-wage Sales, Mama", holding up his little fingers. Although he wasn't complaining at the free toys he always scores from friendly Garage Sale people.
After fortifying ourselves on chicken McLugnuts, we hopped into Goodwill.
First thing I found were these American Girl items. A doll (AG of Today) and Bear (Miss AG). The outfits and the bear are all mid 1990s. Interesting! My first thrifted AG items.

Then I went down another aisle and saw this:

This is not a huge money maker...but it's one of those items to keep an eye out for. The fad may be fading, but Google 'circuit bending' and you'll see what people use these for. It's used but it's got a box and book! Sweet!

At this point I'm just shaking my head. I had already gotten some shoes and sandals on my BOLO list (Be On LookOut) and the finds just kept coming.

Next aisle, Portmeirion. Would prefer Villeroy & Boch. But you don't see toast racks everyday, do you?

Then I finished up the day going with my gut. Found this set of vintage children's books. Never heard of Rupert, but that doesn't mean anything. Did a quick Google search and figured someONE, someWHERE will want these books.

So those were my highlights. I found an Under Armour shirt for 25 cents and some shot glasses...some shoes...nothing I need bore you with photos of. I know days like this don't happen very often...so I'm gonna relive it in my memory!

What did you all find this weekend??

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