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Reselling Plans for August


First of all, just wanted to express a quick congratulations to Kaitlyn for winning the giveaway on Thrift Core's post and also a thank you to Vanessa at Thrift Core for hosting it!!

Kaitlyn, your goodies are on their way shortly!!

So it's August 3 already and I'm ready to rumble. We just got back from a 6 day trip to CA, and a reselling break always helps to recharge the batteries.

Plus, I learned last year how busy my stores became in the fall and winter and I need to be STOCKED.

Maeve Skirt from Anthropologie Size 4

Clothing sold really well out of my Ebay store and I've got a bin or two to get listed. I've found some great shoes that need to get on there as well. I've started slowly at the end of last month and have already sold some of the items. For example, this ExOfficio shirt that Hubby found on our Montana thrifting trip.

So the wonderful selling season is coming!! I can feel it. Summer is rough, but we're coming out of it.
I just need to be ready.

Plus, I'm still working on putting some fab items into my Etsy store. I'm working on branding and so have planned to change my shop's name from Vyeshi to The Recycleista's Retro Shop. Etsy won't let you officially change your user/shop name so it will be mostly a superficial change. Lots of things will still say Vyeshi. But I'm going to change my banner and avatar to be more cohesive to the whole Recycleista theme I've got going on here and in my Ebay shop.

Here are some fun things coming up in The Recycleista's Retro Shop: (hopefully later today)

Golden Preschool Learning books

ASP Holmblad napkins and candles

Dansk Kobenstyle pot. No lid, unfortunately

Griswold red enamel covered cast iron pan

And some more vintage Danish fun!! Rosti Mepal (melamine) bowls.

So plans for August would not be complete without some concrete goals.
What about you all?? What are your August reselling plans? Anyone wanna share??

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