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DIRTY MONEY...A New Favorite


I'm not a TV watcher. Not generally. I'd rather read a book if I have free time. But sometimes, the remote calls.

In our current living arrangement, we have basic cable.

I miss the History Channel. Ok, not all of it. But I miss Pawn Stars and American Pickers. Sure, I can watch them online...but I never do.

So, the other night, after heeding the call of the remote, I was idly flipping through my 10 channels when I came across Auction Kings on the Discovery Channel. I've seen this one before.

Paul Brown is kind of hyper, but the show is about stuff and selling stuff...so I dig it.

Then after that another show came on. There was a warning about inappropriateness for children...but since Little Man was tucked away in bed...we waited to see what it was. Soon Little Man was out of his bed, wondering why his Daddy and Mommy were laughing so hard!!

The show is Dirty Money, featuring the comedian John DiResta and his brother Jimmy turning trash to treasure at the flea markets of NYC.

John DiResta is the negotiator and his brother is the artist. They spend the week scouring the dumpsters, thrift shops and junk shops of the City, looking for unusual pieces or things that can be repurposed (by Jimmy) into something that can be sold for big money that weekend at the flea market. Not a new concept perhaps, but I was fascinated by seeing what NYC yielded and the thought of such a melting pot of customers all in one spot. Kind of like having an Etsy shop offline!!

They even used the word 'steampunk'!! Something you don't hear everyday. John overpaid on a vintage typewriter (because of nostalgia...hey, we've all been there!) but Jimmy salvaged the deal by using the keys and modifying a computer keyboard that was 'rescued' from a dumpster earlier. They sold it for a profit that weekend at the flea market.

(I can't even imagine trying to sell something like that in my little town of Buckley. Gotta love NYC!!)

Anyway, maybe cause I grew up in NY, within commuting distance of NYC, that this show struck such a chord. There may be other picking shows...but hearing the negotiating done in a Long Island accent was hilarious. I believe John and Jimmy have had shows highlighting their family business before, and John is an actor/comedian so they're no newbies in front of the cameras...but still...they are the real deal!!

Check local listings...they're supposed to be on again Tuesday Aug 16 at 10pm. Check 'em out!!

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