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Some Days It's All Uphill

We live pretty close to the base of Mt Rainier. Recently, we went on a walk within the National Park boundary. It was about 4pm, so we didn't have any big ambitions..just take a walk in the woods. We ended up walking about 6.5 miles total. The path for the most part was level. Then Hubby felt we should take a detour. There was a previously unexplored (by us) trail that led to an abandoned mine entrance. It was only 1/4 mile. No biggie.
Our group happily plunged into the forest on the narrow trail. Then the trail went straight....up. And up and up. I have no idea how many vertical feet the trail went in just a 1/4 mile. But it was pretty intense. I was not ready for it. And honestly, I'm not in shape at all. (It's called Ebay Butt, if you're interested) The first really steep leg of a switchback got me good. I had to sit down. I wasn't sure I could go on. Then Hubby retraced his steps a bit, along with Little Man. LM is 4. He SKIPPED up the mountain. LM said, "Come on Mama, let's go!!". So I did. It's always nice to have a hiking buddy. Or cheerleader. Or someone to make you feel lame and so you carry on out of shame. Whatever works.
So I was thinking later (after my heart stopped pounding out of my ears) how working from home can be like my day of hiking.
You're on a roll. Steadily working. In my case, ReSelling online. Acquiring inventory, cleaning, photographing, listing, shipping. You're going ahead at a pretty good clip.
Then you're detoured. You try to keep going and it seems impossible. Everything slows down. You just can't find the motivation to carry on. Sales taper off, inventory piles up and overwhelms you, summer beckons.
What can you do?
You need a 4 year old to say "Come on Mama...let's GO!!"
In a manner of speaking.
So what do you do when you hit an uphill patch? How do you get motivated again?

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