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Back to Business

Well, we had a very nice, relaxing vacation. Caught up with family and friends. Now it's back to work! I came back from the 2 week trip ready to go. Nothing like a listing hiatus to recharge the batteries!

We got home mid-day yesterday and the first question was...where do I begin!?! I knew that jet lag would set in early evening, so Hubby and I decided that shipping was the first order of business. As you can see from the above picture, we had a few things sell while we were away. I have 3 more little packages to do up and add to that pile.

It took me awhile to figure out how to handle the vacation and the status of my stores. In the end, I did what I normally do, which seems to work fine. I put my stores on 'vacation mode' with my listings still visible. When I get sales, I immediately email the customer, double checking that they noticed the vacation notice. Then I state that I will promptly ship on...(whatever date, in this case June 30th). I try to avoid language like, "I can't ship until...". I try to focus on the positive. "We will ship promptly on June 30th".

If I receive an offer on an item, I send a counter offer with a note. Even if my counter offer is only 1 cent different, I send it with a similar note as above. I tell them that if the delay is okay with them, to go ahead and accept the offer.

Most of my buyers responded back with a 'No problem. I saw (or didn't see) the notice. It's fine, have a great trip'. I will probably email everyone again today, reminding them of the vacation, and assuring them that their packages are shipping as promised.

This only works since I had continuous access to the internet on this trip. It may not work for every vacation. Communication is the key. It's a bit of work, but I was glad to have made about $250 while I was away.

So what's next? LISTING, of course. I had a bit of a backlog before I left and then of course I thrifted like a crazy woman while on the trip. And hubby was available to go with me, so we had DOUBLE the finds. Get this, we came home with TWO extra suitcases!!

I will share some of my finds once they are unpacked, but here are a few things that I should have listed before I left and didn't get to it. I will try to do them today.

I have 3 similar Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirts that need to get listed yesterday.

And I found these 2 Illy Collection espresso cups. They are great sellers...and no one had these particular ones listed when I left.

Ok, ok..I'll stop yammering and get to work! I'll share some of my vacation finds later on this week when they're unpacked.

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