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With My Sincerest Apologies

What a dry spell!!! Of blog posts that is. I do have things to write about...but no TIME!! I'll try to be better, I promise!!

We've got some traveling coming up and I recently opened a booth in an antique store..so I owe you all a lot of catching up! I've been busy trying to stock the booth..it's slow going...and I'm not the best merchandiser in the world..so it's a learn-as-I-go process. My MIL signed up for the booth for both of us..so I may not have been completely ready. (lol...understatement of the year!!)

But it's been fun. Gotta get things priced and into there today too. See if anything else sold.

And I've been neglecting my listing too. That's today's task.

I call it "LISTMANIA"!!! (use your best WWF voice when you say that....in your head please)

What's been going on with all of you??

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