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Vintage Glimpse~The Lost Art of Postage Stamp Messaging

I recently came across this delightful book from 1919, Love Letters Made Easy by Gabrielle Rosiere. The opening words of the foreward are "What magic in the words "a love letter," and is there any one who does not thrill at the enchanting prospect of receiving one?". Even in this electronic age, I don't think those words are any less true.

One of the first things that caught my attention in this book was in the first chapter, "Silent Messengers of Love". There I discovered the lost art of Postage Stamp Messaging.

Did you know the location and position of your postage stamp on your envelope could carry great meaning?

For example,
Upside down, on the left corner-- I love you.
Same corner, crosswise-- My heart is another's.
Straight up and down-- Good-by Sweetheart.
Upside down, on the right corner-- Write no more
In the left hand corner-- I hate you.
Bottom corner, at the left-- I seek your acquaintance.
On the right-hand corner, at a right angle--Do you love me?
Top corner , at the right-- I wish your friendship
On the line with the surname-- Accept my love
On the line with the surname, upside down-- I am engaged.
At right angle, same place-- I long to see you
In the middle , at right hand edge-- Write immediately.
In the center, at the top-- Yes
In the center, at the bottom-- No

Whew, I'm kinda glad the postal system has regulated this. Not sure if I could handle getting an envelope with the stamp in the left hand corner. It would have ruined my day.

Can you imagine what Gabrielle would think of today's correspondance via text messaging, social media and email? Now all it takes is a quick text "Itz not U, itz Me" and you're done! Guess not much has changed after all, come to think of it.

Love Letters Made Easy is in my Etsy Shop, Vyeshi.

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