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A Recycle-ista Happily Ever After

This is the first of a (hopefully) continuing series on my blog called "A Recycle-ista Happily Ever After". Selling vintage and supplies in my Etsy shop, Vyeshi, I often wonder what happens to the pieces I sell. Sometimes I find out!
It all started when my husband came home from a remodeling job with these incredible pieces of vintage hardware.

Some bifold closet doors were being replaced and these original knobs were being discarded. Hubby knows better, so he brought them home to me and I listed them on Etsy.
A couple weeks later, they were purchased by fellow Etsy sellers from North Carolina, The Velvet Branch. With their payment came this note:
"We are going to use these on a custom painted cabinet we're doing for a client. :-) Super excited about them!"
Well, that got me 'super excited' as well! I quickly replied and begged a picture of the finished product.
Yesterday, I got these pictures via email.

Isn't that exciting?
The story of this cabinet is in the photo album of their Facebook page:

"This was a rustic, stained wood cabinet and we turned it into a modern, Asian inspired cabinet. We painted it black with a matte finish and then painted a geometric design on the top and sides in a glossy finish. This created a pattern that was bold, yet subtle because it only shows when the light hits it. Finishing it off are those fantastic vintage copper pulls."

According to The Velvet Branch blog, the new owner LOVES it, and so do I.

This is what the Recycleista is all about! Rescuing vintage hardware and giving new life to an older piece of furniture. Definitely a Recycle-ista Happily Ever After!!

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