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Industrial Estate Sale Finds


I promised on the last post, that I had some estate sale finds from last weekend to share with you. This week has been so crazy with taxes and such, that I didn't blog nearly as much as I wanted to. Well, I'm planning on finishing the taxes today, so I'll be able to catch up next week.

Anyway, I stopped in at an estate sale on Saturday that was very frustrating. Frustrating, because I had $10 cash and about 10 minutes to look. And the house was packed. Full of vintage loveliness. I don't think the owner had purchased anything new after 1970.

So with  my 10 minutes I snagged the little metal chest in the above picture.

It has 4 drawers with different dividers. I know my Etsy peeps will love it...but for now it's on my shelf above my desk where I can look at it. And it's got some goodies in it that the people running the sale included for free.

There are some drafting pencils that I've researched. They date to the 1950s. (Google is amazing) There were some other pieces that I wasn't completely sure how to identify. Finally I discovered that they were for calligraphy...they were dip pens. Just wooden, nothing super special. But I remembered that there were some calligraphy nibs attached to the package at the sale. If I wasn't convinced I needed to return, that convinced me.

So next day, I hit the ATM and jetted back to the sale. And it was 50% off day!

So I got the pen parts I wanted and then had time to poke around.

I got the rest of the industrial type things in the top picture. A super cool railroad style lantern, a flywheel of some kind, a brayer and an old folding measuring stick.

Hit the library and found some gardening books from the 1940s and some mid-century decorating books.

Some mid-century silverware by Epic.

And some smalls.

Some tole-painted candlestick holders.

A deer.

German Eau de Cologne, new in package.

Then there was a mid-century napkin or letter holder, some vintage drawer hardware and another little ornate mirror.

It was so much fun. Craigslist isn't showing much happening this weekend, so I don't think I'll repeat my success. But I'm behind in listing, so that's probably a good thing!!

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