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Awesome ReSource for ReSellers and a Contest

Over there <----- on the side of my blog, you may have seen the link to "Ebay Underground" under resources. I think it deserves its own post and a bit of an explanation.
Ebay Underground is a Facebook group made up of online ReSellers who freely share tips and information. The amount of knowledge on there is staggering. And it's FREE! The group was started by several experienced Ebay sellers (although Etsy, Bonanzle, Addoway, etc...Sellers are also welcome!) who wanted to share information.
Ebay Underground is not a 'snarky' board. Any and all questions are welcomed. It's also very active. If I have a question, I can post a question and know that someone will have the answer and respond quickly.
It's a fabulous way to pool knowledge.
We cover the technical aspects of selling, as well as WHAT to sell. Things that we've personally had experience/success with.
So come on over and request to join. There are tons of threads to read through, as well as several Google docs with more information.

And best of all, right now there's a fantabulous GIVEAWAY! When Ebay Underground, or Ebug, reaches 400 members (it's really close now), there is a great prize ready to be given. You just need to join and tell people you did! Details are here.
And here's the official contest thread. But read through the details first, so you know what to do.

Feel free to join and leave a comment here to let me know you did! I'm just curious. Remember, to enter the contest you have to follow the directions in the details above.

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