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Recommended Reading


I wasn't always a blog reader. I know, I know, blogging is a relatively 'new' activity, but I didn't jump on it right away. Even when i started blogging myself, I didn't keep up with other bloggers' work.
With time however, I have a list of blogs I check in on, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. I thought from time to time I'd share them with you!

The first is by a fellow reseller. The blog is called Late Night Coffee. The blog is packed full of information about what can sell on Ebay, including books, craft patterns and more! The blogger lives in Florida and I've expressed to her my envy about the access she has to all those estate sales and thrift stores full of vintage goodness! She even offers a scouting/shopping service which I've thought about more than once. I want her access to vintage jewelry!! She has amazing finds which she shares on a regular basis! Check her out!

The second blog for today is Apron Thrift Girl. Selena is a very active blogger who is not afraid to share the personal aspects of ReSelling with her audience. She takes lovely photographs and shares all of her amazing finds as well. Thrift Share Monday is a favorite! There is much to be gleaned here, in fact, I'm learning MUCH about Mid Century Modern furniture and decor from Apron Thrift Girl. It's fascinating. More about that later!

The third is the very witty Vintage Rescue Squad. Sue sells a bit on Etsy but mostly from a couple of antique booths. It's an angle I haven't tried, but is interesting to me. Sue finds INCREDIBLE items at estate sales and flea markets and shares her finds. She's also collaborated on an ebook (info on her blog) about selling from an antique booth, so if you're interested in that check it out!! I plan to...the booth is not enough of a reality yet..but you never know!

So there are a few to get started. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

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