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I Love Me Some Starbucks...


...and apparently so does the rest of the world.

Most of my sales of Starbucks mugs have been international lately. It started off with this older logo mug (see above) that my MIL found at the thrift. Sales on the older logo mugs didn't seem to hot, so we stuck a high price on it and she said she'd keep it if it didn't sell. I mentioned the new, 2011, change of logo in the listing and something to the effect of the collectibility increasing.

Couple weeks later, SOLD! Full asking price to Japan. $50. That's what I'm talking about.

Then in the past few weeks I've sold a mug to France,

Great Britain,

and just today, to South Africa!

Back a few years ago when I was stepping up my Ebay selling, I was really into selling Starbucks things. I mean, I live near Seattle, the birthplace!! Starbucks items are fairly common at the thrifts and yard sales. And collecting was HOT. The famous Icon mug series from 1994...found me a couple of those and did fairly well. Never Minneapolis well, but more than a few bucks. What? You hadn't heard of the Minneapolis 1994 Starbucks Icon mug? Well, I guess they are pretty rare (they were pulled early due to a copyright issue)...and people who collect the series want them ALL. So one auction of a Minneapolis Starbucks mug I watched ended at....are you ready?

$1,100.00!!!! I heard a later one went for over $2Gs.

(photo from www.fredorange.com)
I've always got one eye peeled for that cherry!!

I think this calls for an upcoming post about the collectibility of Starbucks and the different series to look for. Stay tuned.

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