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Hiding in Plain Sight--An Inventory Storage Solution


 Ok, I know this won't work for everything I re-sell...not sure I want 7 cashmere sweaters, knife blocks, Keens, Danskos or vintage needlework kits to be strewn all over my shelves and dressers.
But there are some items (especially vintage) that I don't mind having out to 'display'.

I have a couple bookcases in my bedroom that are full and pretty much all of those books are for sale. Throw on a vintage typewriter, electric fan, a jar of buttons and some tins..and your inventory can be 'stored'...in plain sight!
An added benefit is that when I find something I really LOVE, I can get a few months enjoyment out of it before it's time to move it on. And then I can get something else. The fun never ends. And there's nowhere it says you have to list something right away. Like my vintage glass-key Royal typewriter...that may just sit there for awhile...a long while.
There are also other storage options. Above my desk, which is disgustingly piled up with stuff, I have a vintage suitcase with storage possibilities. And a duck paint-by-number that I can enjoy until it sells.
Another vintage suitcase (did I mention I have about 8?) holds the silverware pieces that I've already listed. It doubles as decor next to my fave chair.
This trunk is on my landing. There is a ginormous skylight above it and it is where I take all my product pictures. It is a studio backdrop as well as storage. Guess what's inside? You won't believe it. Buttons and notions. And it's almost full. But no one has to know. I am a button-hoarding crazy lady and no one knows.

My apartment is still a work in progress and I'm imagining more possibilites. A DIY picture frame/cork board with pins could hold vintage jewelry. More jars with buttons. I still need to unpack my vintage cameras. Thrifted ones for sale can join them.
This, of course, doesn't solve ALL of my storage issues. I have the ubiquitous plastic shelving with clear plastic bins that most resellers have. Can't avoid it. But this way is a lot more fun!
What are some of your creative storage solutions?

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