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Fun Finds


One of my favorite small, private thrift stores in WA was replaced with a Goodwill right before I moved to NC. They promised to let the customers know if they found a new place to rent. Fast forward a year and a half, here we are, back in WA, and I got a phone call. Store opening in new location March 1st!! Whoo hoo! And even closer to my house.
So I went, March 1st, to celebrate the grand opening and of course, SHOP!

I couldn't believe it when I found the above pieces of Franciscan Starburst. I almost fell over. They had them on their shelves of 'more valuable' items. But they were still priced lower than they would be at Goodwill. I put the creamer on Etsy and it sold overnight. The water pitcher is a bit more chippy, and I'm running an auction on Ebay here, just for fun.

Found this vintage Lisner clip earring and necklace set. Thermoset plastic. Sweet! It's going into my Grandma's Drawers shop, hopefully today.

Also found these small ornate metal frames. I've sold these before and they are listed in my Etsy shop.

And a 1918 version of Gray's Anatomy! Falling apart but with awesome engravings. Already sold.

I was on a roll, so I picked up this set of Siam Sterling cufflinks and tie bar. Still researching a bit. Haven't found much about it...not the figural type like these are.

What I love most about this thrift store is the prices. I also picked up a couple embroidery kits, some fabric, some vintage wooden cat figurines from Japan, a full service for 4 of Reed and Barton silverware, plus extras, some Mid Century Modern candlesticks and some more jewelry. My 2 sales I've had so far (the book and the creamer) have already covered the cost of ALL the items. Everything else is gravy.
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