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Finders Keepers


I think, as ReSellers, we sometimes get caught up in the whole ReSelling process and making a profit, that we forget to shop for ourselves.
No, that's not true. I totally know when I want to keep something.
Like turquoise Pyrex. The pink is really cool too...I found both pieces close together and was debating which color to focus on collecting. Since my kitchen is non-existant at the moment I'm trying to create a look in my head. (which I'm not very good at) It will feature vintage pieces, though. And I'm liking turquoise. (plus yesterday I found a turquoise Amish Butterprint butter dish!!) I figure I'll collect what I like for awhile..then when the kitchen is done...sometime this century...I can make my final decisions and sell the rest!

Here's some more finders keepers items...




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