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Branding is not something I know a whole lot about. The ideas behind marketing, selling yourself, etc...not my forte.
In the past when I joined a social media site, or opened a new store...I just kinda picked an avatar I liked or a name that struck me at the moment. Never gave a thought to cohesiveness.
But I'd like to change that to a certain extent. I'd like to have one 'look' that says "Recycle-ista". Still working on it.
So, I made a new blog banner. What do you think?
Not sure OWLS are really ME, although these are darn cute. But they're not MINE, really. I took a picture of some vintage stationery. Added my title. That's about the extent of my graphic design.
So don't be surprised if the banner and look of the blog changes a few more times in the next weeks. I'll be trying things out until I find something that is ME.

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