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Thrift Store Item: Wooden Knife Blocks


Just thought I'd share another item I keep an eye out for while strolling the aisles of my favorite thrifts...wooden knife storage blocks. I've sold several of these in the past and it's been awhile since I picked one up. After having lived and thrifted on both coasts of the US, I'm discovering which items seem to be easily (and affordably) found where.

Knife blocks, as it turns out, are a West Coast thrift store find. At least, in my limited, regional experience.

Because, as with everything, brand is important! I saw knife blocks out East. Just not the brands I look for...or the styles.

I look for blocks by Wusthof (see above) and J.A.Henckels. Sometimes it's just the logo that's showing so it pays to get familiar with them. Wusthof has a little trident logo and Henckels has a logo of what looks like 2 men. I'll edit this post later and try to add a picture in.

Another vital point: The more slots the better!! The block above has 22. (and it swivels!! how cool is that?)

Knife blocks are heavy, so I usually ship via a US Priority Mail Flat Rate box. Medium or Large. And take photos of any damage or scratches.

I generally can sell the knife blocks between $20-40. Remember, the more slots the better!

I'm sure there are more knife block brands that would also do well, I need to do more research. If you know that the knives themselves are expensive, chances are the block is worth selling.

I also sell thrifted kitchen knives when I find them, but I'll save that for another day's post.
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