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Typewriter Love


First of all, a quick apology for the lack of posting lately. I have moved cross country yet again! So we are back again in the beautiful (and wet) Pacific NW. As you can imagine, things are a bit topsy-turvy, so listing and thrifting and posting have gotten a little off track!

Just a quick show-off of what I found at Goodwill today. (they opened one in my town while I was away this last year!) I always check the vintage typewriters...they are pretty good sellers for me.

I look for:
coolness (check!)
retro-ness (check!)
cleanness (check!)
and an amazingly awesome retro color!! (check!)

I love this turquoise color!! It's a Remington Ten-Forty. It has its case and is pretty clean. Have to test it out still. But its color would make it a lovely piece of decor!

Yes, shipping can be a bit of a challenge if you want to sell a vintage typewriter online. But I found this great tutorial.
Lots of great vintage typewriter information on this site. He's also a buyer and restorer so it's definitely worth checking out his website if vintage typewriters interest you!
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