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Vacation Finds


So as you fellow junkers/thrifters know, thrifting never takes a vacation. Traveling just means fresh territory in which to find some 'treasures'. Here's a few of the lovelies I found in the past 2 weeks on my 'vacation'.

Up top:
Altoids Tangerine Sours. I found 8 of these in a small discount grocery store. They are discontinued. On eBay, a lot of 3 was/is selling for $50!

Then hubby found this ExOfficio jacket New with tags(!!!) at the Goodwill.

At the same Goodwill he scored me these Remington Tight Curls. It SO helps to have a partner in crime at the thrift stores...you can divide and conquer!

One of my early finds was this sealed pack of Polaroid film. They go for about $25 a pack on Ebay. Plus it was nice and small and fit neatly into our luggage.

Also found some shoes which DON'T fit nicely into luggage, but we managed. The Tevas I'm sure you recognize..but the other brand is called Irregular Choice. I believe they are available at Anthropologie among other places.

Hit a small thrift store on the coast where everything was about 25 cents. Bunch of cute, funky things that will go into my Etsy store. There were a few craft booklets too that are still packed somewhere.

This last little grouping can't really be called 'finds'..or I guess they can, they're just not mine. My MIL is a TRUE junker and finds some amazing things. These items were gifts to us, with the purpose of us reselling them. It was her way of contributing to our trip out West...much more fun than a wad of cash, don't you think? Just a little more work. :)
Some good stuff in there...yes, those green bangle bracelets ARE Bakelite. She found them at a yard sale. Some other good, signed (and unsigned) costume jewelry, a Garfield mug and a huge solid brass key.

Well, time for me to get to work, wouldn't you say? This stuff won't list itself!
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