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What's Been Selling


Well, I haven't been out yard sale-ing lately or even much shopping. I've been trying to be 'good' and list what I have. I need to get the stores stocked for the up-coming great selling season. (Please, please!!) I may pop out for a bit this Saturday but we'll see.

I thought I'd share what's been selling lately both on Etsy and Ebay. This is just the past few weeks.

New with tags Camelbak Hydration Pack
Yard Sale
: $5
Sold: $27

Ekco Eterna Iced Tea Spoon in Canoe Muffin Pattern
25 cents
Sold: $8
I love selling silverware. I think I'll be having some upcoming posts about this.

Vintage openwork filigree buttons.
Thrifted: I have no idea..these and the 1 at the header were part of a bigger lot that I can't remember how much cost. Let's say 5 cents for these 4 buttons.
Sold: All 4-$12.50 (on Etsy-my Pish Posh Notions store)

Vintage sealed 8mm Movie Film
: Friend's Mom's Estate
Sold: $35

Clothing has also picked up.
Vineyard Vines Dress Shirt
: $3.79
Sold: $20.00

I can't find the pictures, but I also sold some vintage wallpaper that I got for $2. It sold for $39.99

So hopefully this gives you all some more ideas of things to look for while out and about doing your thang. And here's to Satuday!!

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