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Decorating--The Recycleista Way


So the other night, my husband decided he would work on some of the shelf/picture hanging chores that have accumulated since we moved into our new apartment. We started with the mirror and wall plaques over the mantel/mantle (sp?) which was fun.

Well, it was fun after we finished our 'discussion' about layout. I had an idea in my head for months about how I wanted to fill up the area above the mantel (this is right, I finally looked it up). He wanted symmetrical, I wanted asymmetrical. I wanted the mirror on the left and the two tree of life plaques staggered on the right. He wanted the mirror in the center.

Well, you can see who was wielding the hammer...and who therefore won. Just kidding. I gave in, since he's usually right about these things. I satisfied my asymmetrical side by arranging the items ON the mantelpiece in a more haphazard way.

I think our joint effort came out great! What do you think?

Looking at the whole effect later, I realized how many of the items were thrifted. Pretty much all of them.

~Tree of life burwood plaques. By Homco. (home interiors) Dated 1968. Way cool. Got those at Goodwill awhile back and held on to them. Hubby thought I got them to sell. Ha!! He obviously doesn't have the vision I do.

~Mirror. Goodwill. I loved the frame. Held onto it for a couple years waiting for this perfect occasion.

~Vintage books. Who knows where we got them. I always pick up vintage books everywhere I go.

~Apothecary jar. Value Village. Still has the $1.21 written on it in red grease pencil. Hid it with rocks I picked up in the woods and on the beach. (how more thrifting/recycleista can you get?) Ditto the driftwood.

~Teapot. Gift.

~Russian nesting dolls. Found these lovely ladies at Goodwill. Cha-ching.

~Nesting boxes. Ok, not thrifted. But we bought them in Poland, from a bazaar, street vendor type place...so it's not like it was TJ Maxx or anything. (nothing against TJ, I love that store)

Almost forgot the rusty orange tin. Found that at my favorite grocery store turned thrift store...home of the one-eyed cat. :)

That's pretty much it. I love having a finished vignette in my own house. Been staring at it all day.

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