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Saturday's Haul


Ok, just a quick post to show what I found in Saturday's yard sale jaunt. I made it out for a couple hours in the early morning. I really didn't feel like going...my bed seemed like the better option. But yard sales have a limited shelf life here in the southeastern US, so I had to get to them before they expired.

The first few sales were trying to prove me right..that bed was a better place to be...when I finally hit a good one! I saw this phone sitting on a shelf, whipped around and saw that it was a rotary phone. YES! Now the thrift stores have caught on to the fact that people are buying these and willing to pay fairly good money for retro style. So I asked the nearest family member running the sale...and almost fell over when he said...'ah..50 cents'. Nice.

Yes, it needs some cleaning. But I think it's beautiful.

Also at that sale I found a Harley Davidson belt, a North Face fleece and some sterling earrings(forgot to put them in the picture)and a vintage knitting book.

The rest of the morning yielded that way cool vintage lampshade (it's for an oil lamp chimney, I think),the brass ducks and the UGG slip ons.

Which brings me to why I buy what I buy. Some things I buy for myself. Some things I buy because they are amazing and old and need to be shared with others. Then honestly, some things I buy because I know they will sell online. We struggle just enough financially that me selling online is a necessary part of our income. I would love to buy only the things I love (not brass ducks) but I'm just not there yet. We'll see, someday.

Thanks for stopping by!

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