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A Quick Update and a Few Fun Finds

So this will be just a quick post. I need to start doing the quick posts instead of thinking that I need to come up with a big feature. That might get me blogging more often again.
Also, I logged on today and Blogger has all this new design stuff and I got majorly sidetracked...been playing around, but not sure if I like it. Opinions?

Anyway, first of all, last post was about this 'junk' jewelry lot I got at a yard sale. Also included in the lot were these vintage Lion's Club award pins from the 50s. I put them in a lot and put them up for auction on Ebay. It ended at $17.50. Not jaw-dropping, but decent. I love yard sales!!

Speaking of which, I went to a few this past weekend and here's a few of my finds that will be making it to Etsy this week. Super excited about the chandelier crystals. And I love old bottles. These have rusty, crusty caps which makes them extra special! I tell ya, watching American Pickers has given me a new appreciation for rust.

Ok, better get to work!

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