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Holy Ferragamo, Batman!


I just had to share my thrifting day with y'all. I've been trying all week it seems to get to this thrift store in the next town. It's pretty amazing, actually. It used to be a supermarket...most of the fixtures are still there. There's still stickers from the meat department that you can buy on the roll. And vintage spices. Not super vintage, but pretty funky.
Anyway, it's huge. There's a new owner, and a few years ago, she really started cleaning it up and organizing. I believe she buys estates or gets leftovers or something. Because there is a whole lot of JUNK in that place. It is super fun to poke through.
I don't go that often because the turnover is not that fast. I went on Tuesday, but unfortunately I had no cash (well, $3) and no checkbook. Of course, since I haven't been there in months, I saw TONS of things I wanted.
Most of all, I wanted to get this Polaroid camera, mostly because it comes with 2 unopened cartridges of film, which is now discontinued.

Well, I decided to go back on Wednesday, sans child. I was ready to dig, deep and dirty. Have I mentioned that clothing there is mostly $1 apiece? I was bummed to see the shop closing up early the moment I drove in the lot! Totally ruined my Wednesday!

So today, I dragged my little guy back in there. Fortunately there's a one-eyed cat that he likes to visit who lives in the shop. The other benefit to the place not having fast turnover, is that I was pretty sure the stuff I had eyed (and somewhat hidden) would still be there. Sure enough, I made a beeline for my camera and there it was!

I also found these boxes of vintage stationery..how super cool are the blank greeting cards inside? These will be heading to my Etsy store. And I'll probably keep a few...

I found a few more things...a garden book with color plates from 1924, a superb rusty crusty Uneeda Biscuit tin and this Bucilla pillow kit.

Then, right at the end, I squeezed into the last aisle where she was starting to put out vintage shoes last time. I was looking to see if there was anything I couldn't live without, and I spotted the boxes.

Salvatore Ferragamo. Vintage. Never been worn. With original price tags. $190??? I took all 5 pairs. (Plus a pair of Ecco shoes too) Did I mention she sells her shoes for $3 a pair?

So I had a good day. It was fun to find something a little different than the Nike and Under Armour I'm usually looking for at Goodwill.

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