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My Yard Sale Hour


Well, I found myself husband-less and child-less around 10 AM yesterday morning and I thought, "Sweet. Now I have time to list on Ebay and Etsy." ....Not. I thought, "sweet, how many yard sales can I hit before they all close up shop at 12?" Fortunately, there were several not too far away.

I ran to the corner drugstore, bought some hair elastics and then hit 'yes' when it asked if I want cash back. Asked for $40 and the clerk said, 'I have to give it to you all in 5's." Apologetically. I almost told her I was going sale-ing and that the smaller the bills the better. There's nothing like haggling down to $1 and then pulling out a twenty.

So you can see the loot in the above picture. Not too bad for 1 1/2 hours. At my first sale,(well it was the 2nd, the 1st was a bust) I found a Caboodle jewelry case and a vintage tie clip with matching cuff links. The Caboodle (or is it Caboodles?) I bought maybe to sell, maybe to keep. It's in super great shape, so I'm thinking i'll use it to hold the vintage jewelry I've been selling on Etsy. It's been selling pretty well, but I have more to list. I'd like to have it neatly organized. I put the tie clip and links in there to get started.

My next sale didn't look too promising. You had to slog through the yard to the back of the house and the stuff for sale was cheesy and dirty. But then I started digging. I found this set of silverware by Interpur. I knew anything with this Danish Modern look (altho made in Japan) would sell, even if I put it on Etsy. And there were so many pieces! 32 to be exact, including a sugar spoon and butter knife. Looking on Ebay, I hope to get about $50 for it. Along with the Wilton cake pan, that was my 2nd productive sale.

The last sale in that neighborhood yielded some canning jars..I'm planning on destashing my vast button collection and I thought I'd use jars to make 'em pretty! The jars with the white lids were pretty wide-mouthed..the owner said her daughter-in-law sent her some squash preserves in them. At which her other son said..'yeah and they were disgusting! But at least it washes clean."
I also found the vintage Care Bear Bedtime Bear mug and the sweet little Burwood bird. All that loot for $1! That's my kind of sale!

Hit another sale at a senior center...the items for sale were the nurses'. So I only snagged some clothes for my son. But got a sweet deal on them.

And last but not least, I went to one more sale that I had seen advertised the day before. First thing I see is a Coach purse. It is sooooo super buttery soft. I know it's tricky selling these on Ebay but I thought I could try selling it somewhere, somehow. I carried it around a bit then asked how much it was. $2!!! I remained calm and nonchalant. It just goes to show...it can't hurt to hit sales at the end of the yard sale day. It's amazing what gets missed by other people.

What did you all find this weekend?

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