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ESellerAds - A Tool for Etsy Sellers

I was reading the latest AuctionBytes newsletter (a must-read, I think, for all online sellers) and there was an interview with someone (I forget who..I'll go back and check) from ESellerAds.

I read through it and thought I would check it out. It looks like it makes a nice scrolling gallery of your items from your Etsy shop which you can place on your blog, Facebook page and other social media sites. You can even Tweet them and drive traffic to your shop.

I still have more to check out, like the reports section but it was super quick and easy to make my scrolling gallery. I'm putting it on my blog here, instead of the Etsy Mini. Then I'll go play around with sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

Oh...and it's free! The interview explains how they can do this. They are also behind Handmade Spark which also showcases Handmade artists.

What do you think?


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