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I'm Sailing!!!!- Yard Sale-ing, That Is


I totally felt like Bill Murray in "What About Bob?" when he's screaming "I'm sailing!!" as he's lashed to the sailboat mast.
I was finally yard sale-ing this morning after a long, dry winter.

Here's the haul. Not super exciting, but better than I expected. With all the baby items and Nascar items advertised on Craigslist, I didn't have much hope of finding anything vintage. But I was pleasantly surprised to find the vintage industrial bobbins and old books. Sweet.

Then I scored a Rothschild coat, a bag for me, a Ralph Lauren shirt, Magic Bullet cups and a bunch of clothes for my little one.

I spent way less than at Goodwill...it was a blast!

This was my first NC yard sale-ing attempt...it was interesting to see that most sales only run from about 7-11am. Yikes. No more fun Saturday afternoons looking for sales. I had to get up early!!!

Some of the items are heading straight to Etsy or Ebay, the rest I'm keeping!

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