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Another Follow Up to the Arbitrage Disaster


Some of you may remember my first Arbitrage attempt, which didn't end well...you can read about it here.

Well, well...it's turned out a bit better than I expected. I had put the salt and pepper shakers aside to deal with later. In the meantime, I had come across various other sterling items I couldn't sell by themselves.
I had a broken bracelet marked 'Sterling' and a few pieces of flatware from my friend that were either damaged or unsellable.

I put them together in a lot and started the auction at $19.99. With 15 minutes to go...it had 1 bid and 10 watchers. I went to bed and figured I'd ship my sterling silver scrap lot in the morning after I collected my $20.

Well next morning, imagine my surprise when I saw that the auction had ended at $102.50!!!

I guess my Arbitrage disaster wasn't so disastrous after all!!

Read more here on how to sell sterling silver scrap on eBay.

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