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Beautiful Bakelite


Since I've been such a slacker in the blog posting department, I thought I'd at least throw out a quick post of some beautiful Bakelite pieces I've found lately.
The tomato red carved Bakelite bangle bracelet was found at a thrift store. I could tell through the display case that I needed to take a better look. It didn't have a seam and it just had that Bakelite look. It was pretty, so I thought I'd take a chance. Click here to see how I test for Bakelite-ness at home.
It tested positive! She's a new addition to my Etsy store, Vyeshi.

Today I found a few pieces of Bakelite handled flatware. They are in rough shape..the stainless part is rusted and so on. But the handles are a gorgeous deep butterscotch yellow and have the greatest Art Deco pattern. I'll probably add them to the store as well if I don't decide to keep them. They'd make great decorations!
Those are my latest Bakelite finds! It's fun to find something Bakelite besides buttons!

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