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Why I Love Etsy


Where else could you sell 3 rusty safety pins for $9? Don't get me wrong, I love old rusty items. I love the patina and story that goes with older things. I wish I was more creative to know what to DO with them. Ok, maybe I could come up with a project, but I lack the motivation to do it. I guess I am not a true art-eest.
But, when I see things out and about, I know what people might like to use in THEIR art. And that's what I offer in my shop, Vyeshi on Etsy. Not only vintage items, but supplies for the altered art, mixed media, assemblage artist.
Take a look at some of the more interesting things I've sold on Etsy.

Found a box of these vintage flashcards which has maybe 1000 cards in it. Have sold 9 sets of 50 of these at $3 each. Box is only 1/2 gone.

Vintage hardware always does well.

What would you do with these? Don't throw anything away...you never know who might need it. Oh great. Now I sound like a hoarder. I don't have a problem. Seriously. I don't.

A single page out of a damaged book. $11.
Ok, sometimes it's better NOT to know what people are going to do with things they buy.

And to end things again on a rusty note. $7.50 for this. It was the cute little box which sold it, i think.

Anyway, the point is recycling can take many forms. If I've kept these things out of the landfill just a little longer and given them new life as part of a new product, then that's something. And I made a few bucks. That's something else.
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