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I Snagged Me a Treasury on Etsy!


I wish it was always this easy. I heard that the treasury was opening from someone on Twitter. They said it would open in 10 minutes. I thought, that's do-able. This was only my second treasury but I've had one saved in Poster Sketch. Do you think I could find it? No.
So I run to the treasury, open a tab, open another tab looking for my Poster Sketch, then decide to just start re-creating it while I'm waiting. I get about 3 items done when i think I'd better check the status of the Treasury. I look and it says that the Treasury will open when the number of treasuries drops below 333. I look and there are 333!!! So I wait, with my fingers poised. I know it's all about throwing a title out there and hitting enter!
You can see the Treasury here until sometime Thursday. As you can see, I didn't bother capitalizing! But it worked!
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