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A Hidden Moneymaker In Your Pantry

I think we've all noticed this little logo on various items we've purchased. Box Tops for Education. They're on items like Cheerios, Hamburger Helper and Kleenex. Maybe you've been cutting and collecting them for your child's school. And that's great. This program helps school get needed items like books and supplies. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents.
If you don't have a school you're supporting, there's still a reason to cut and collect these Box Tops.
You can sell them on eBay!

A search of completed listings reveals that 100 Box Tops goes for about $10 on eBay. 200 will get you $20. Not bad, especially if these are from items you've already purchased or buy on a regular basis. You've got a potential treasure hiding in your pantry and recycle bin!

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