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A Few Fun Finds


So no Wednesday's Flip of the Week this week. Had some good sales, just nothing too interesting to write about. So I thought I'd share some of the goodies I've come across lately. All vintage. Of course.
The picture up top is of a super cool wooden bread board or trivet by Berggren Trayner Corp and marked 1966. I love the folksy art!!

Yesterday I came across these 2 purses. One is black, very slim and by Theodor, California. The other is navy and that round, ball clasp is Bakelite!! (I checked. Click here to find out how to determine if something is Bakelite)

Two brass hooks!

...and a brass mouse. I fell in love with the ears. It seems like I can't see a brass animal at a thrift store and not get it!

A few weeks back I came across this mint vintage Rothschild coat. The condition is so great, I never would have guessed it was vintage, except it had the Union tag. You don't see those on newer coats. The lining is pristine, the buttons are there..plus 2 extras! Size 2. (2T I'm assuming).

And this last item, I need help identifying. I can tell it's a press of some kind..but not garlic!! Is it for fruit? Or tomatoes?

More vintage fun found here:

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