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Wednesday's Flip of the Week- Vintage Scuba Gear


I debated writing a blog post about thrift store shopping with your spouse--the rewards and the challenges. Then I realized my story involved a flip...so it became this week's Wednesday's Flip of the Week.
First I must say, I'm very fortunate my husband LOVES thrift store/yard sale shopping. He never minds stopping at one...in fact sometimes I have to curb it...so our spending doesn't outpace our selling.
At the moment my husband is very involved, since he hasn't found work since our cross-country move. He's been helping me take pictures, measure things, figure out shipping and he even started listing!
The other great thing is that he sees things at thrift stores I would NEVER look at.

For example, the items in these pictures. This vintage scuba gear was spread out throughout the store and found on 2 different days. He had a feeling and went with it. Total investment: $4.50 and as you can see before fees we made over $60.
Would I have bought these? No. Turns out they sell because people not only collect vintage scuba gear, there are clubs who dive using ONLY vintage dive gear. Who knew?

Another advantage is hitting more of the store at once. He's learning brands, so he hits the men's side...the shirts, shoes and neckties while I hit women's and kid's.

Plus he usually takes the rugrat with him. Makes me hope he doesn't find work soon! Almost.

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