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Wednesday's Flip of the Week- Vintage Buttons


I had to go back a bit in time for this week's flip. Nothing super exciting happening in the auction world for me lately. But I've been having fun with Etsy. This week's flip involves vintage buttons. I love them. I collect them. I have too many.
My husband puts up with the obsession to buy, buy, buttons because I'm willing to sell them...well, some anyway.
I'm not the type to collect buttons and put them on cards and go to clubs and all that. I just like to find an unsorted lot of old buttons and spend an evening going through them. It's very relaxing. Kind of like thrift store shopping at home.
I bought a tin of buttons from a woman on Ebay. She was local so I saved $10 on shipping! I paid about $10 for the tin as I recall. Well look at the beauties that were in here! These are Bakelite!! Carved with a metal rim!! Gorg-e-ous!!! I put one on Etsy for $5.50. SOLD! Immediately. "do you have anymore?" i was asked. Yes!! I had 6 more..in different sizes. $20 says I. SOLD! All in one day. To the same buyer.

LOVE it!! The best part is that I doubled my money with 6 buttons!! And there were/are 100s remaining. Here's another picture of a super large button I sold for about $4.

I've learned a lot in the last few months since I've started buying and selling buttons.
Click here to find an inexpensive way to tell if your vintage buttons (or any item for that matter) are Bakelite.
Click here for ideas on how to organize them!!


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