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Wednesday's Flip of the Week- Oneida Silverware


Here's another area of the thrift store to not overlook. I started getting into silverware a few years back when I sold some silverplate flatware. After it got harder to find silverplate I started researching stainless steel. Oneida flatware is a good seller. Selling in lots is a good idea, but if the pattern is in demand, breaking it into smaller chunks can work too.
I recently found this lot at a thrift store...the pieces are 29 cents each at my local Goodwill, so I spent about $8. I researched and found out the pattern name. Click here to for tips on how to do that.
I discovered that this pattern is not in very high demand so I decided to forgo an auction and put the lot straight in my eBay store. As you can see, I got $30 for it through a Best Offer.
Silverware can be a bit time consuming to research and list, but the profit can be worth it! And if you happen to enjoy detective work...lots of fun!
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