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Vintage Cashmere


Was listing on eBay today...trying to catch up from the backlog...and listed this gorgeous vintage cashmere sweater. It was a recent thrift store find. I am so tempted to keep this. But alas, we need the money more than I need a new sweater. I haven't even tried it on, just in case I really like it!
By the way...cashmere is definitely an item to keep your eyes open for at thrift stores if you're like me and need to supplement your income with some online selling. I found a Banana Republic cashmere sweater for $2 at Goodwill and it sold for $35. Even sweaters with small holes will sell for something...people will either repair it or I think they reuse the yarn for their projects. Just remember to be up front about the existance and location of the holes. Pictures are helpful too.
Happy selling!

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