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Coffee Mugs...Not Just For Coffee Anymore


No! They're also for....beer! No just kidding. What I was thinking was they're also for making profit! I know many of you have heard of this, thought of this, or have done this yourself, but it's something I want to revisit.
The Moose Drool mug in the picture was one of our own..but purchased at Goodwill of course! My husband grew up in Montana and we had enjoyed a glass or 2 of Moose Drool when we visited his family. I saw the mug one day and thought my husband would like it. In our quest to sell anything and everything, my husband came up with this mug.
We listed it and as you see, my $.29 investment yielded $13.50.
That's the great thing about mugs. They are in plentiful supply and generally are only $.25-.50....maybe even less at yard sales.(unless your thrift store has caught on, like mine did and priced all Starbucks mugs at $2 or more!) They cover all sorts of subjects and people like to collect them.
My problem in the past had been that I only tried to sell mugs at auction. I'd run it for a week...and if the right 'John Deere' aficionado didn't happen to be browsing, the mug wouldn't sell. I'd say...oh well and try to unload it at my next yard sale.
But having an eBay store changes everything. For a lower cost, my mugs can sit and wait for the right buyer to come along!
What's your input? What successes have you had with coffee mugs? I'd love to hear!

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